• Stop Pouting

    by  • January 16, 2015 • Uncategorized

    poutingWe all make plans for our selves. We have our own ideas about what we should have or be or deserve. All of our whims and wishes will not be granted unto us. Imagine if you  will when you were a child and think of the thoughts and impulses you had as a child.

    Now think of all the many grains of wisdom your life experiences have given you. Now place your younger self into a position that would be difficult for you as an adult. The likely outcome of performing well under those circumstances are unlikely.

    We get what we need and what we can handle when we need it and can handle it. If you do not have what you want it is because you are not ready for it yet. Stop pouting and start working to create that which you believe you want.

    Blessings, Donna