• Loss

    by  • October 28, 2013 • Life Lessons

    When dealing with loss don’t forget those who are still living. When we lose someone who we love there is a void in our lives. Nothing changes that. Nothing can fill that void. The deeper the pain the greater the love that existed. In this deep sense of loss we feel others will understand our distance as we retreat to heal. To a degree people do. What happens when our sense of loss is all-consuming. When the loss is all you can think about, talk about. Where does that leave the people who are still living? In dealing with past pain it is important to  not forget that people love you.

    LossI have spoken with many people over the years who have lost a parent, child, lover, spouse.  In dealing with their pain they forget they have other children, another parent other siblings, friends, etc. Loss hurts, but when the people around you are forgotten so you can remember those gone you increase your loss. Making those still living feel less important to you than those who have passed on. We have or will all lose someone. We are all just passing thru. Love those around you with all your heart while they are here don’t wait till they are gone to enshrine them. Take your memories of them with you into the future. Do not stay in the past mourning them, so that you may rejoice in the moment having known them.