• Peace

    by  • October 11, 2013 • Goal Setting, Life Lessons, Self Improvement, Spiritual, Thoughts / Consciousness

    In stressful times it is important that we turn our focus to what we want to see and not focus on the negative all around us. Each day we must put forth the extra effort to extend a helpingPeace hand to the elderly, the single mom who works 2 jobs, the young man trying to find work.

    When we use others, taking advantage of them, knowingly defraud society in order to contribute nothing, then we diminish ourselves. There can be no love, where self loathing abides.

    Take an examination of your life. If you are a taker, change….be a giver. If you suffer from self loathing then work to correct your personal defects, that your self-hatred not be directed outward to others.

    It is not possible to live below your potential without the constant cloak of self-hatred. By giving to the world, taking responsibility for yourself and your family you will gain self-love. It is this love of self, combined with the love of self of others that will birth peace.