• New Path

    by  • October 9, 2013 • Goal Setting, Self Improvement, Spiritual, Thoughts / Consciousness

    a-new-pathToday times seem more stressful than ever. Worries, debts, national instability and other oppressive thoughts are weighing people down. During these times it is important  to take stock of all the positive things surrounding you. You have a choices. You can choose to relax. You can choose to stress out. You can choose to search for the positive in and around you or you can fixate on flaws and/or whats negative.

    I have decided that becoming and staying positive is my new full-time life mission. It is up to me to remove what is negative and find , then focus on what is positive around me.  It is up to me to not only find positive but to create it! This is now my mission, my new path……..There is plenty of room on this path….Join me.