• Thoughts

    by  • September 23, 2013 • Life Lessons, Self Improvement, Spiritual, Thoughts / Consciousness

    Marvelous-Universe-pictureI came across this picture today and knew I needed to share it. I have said for many years that OUR LIVES ARE DIRECTED BY OUR THOUGHTS!  This is not a new thought. As a matter of fact it goes back millions of years when Gods conscious created the universe. Many philosophers mad men and geniuses alike have been humming this same tune. So why is it that we humans on the whole,  have not been able to master this principle?

    This picture depicts the simple truth that thoughts are energy. It is that energy from your thoughts that illuminates your life’s path. Positive thinking highlights if you will, all the things in your life that are good, happy,  and true. Negative thinking conversely, highlights all the things that are missing, wrong, and unhappy in your life.

    We humans can not control every aspect of our lives. We can not THINK our way out of spiritual and intellectual growth that results from experiencing pain. Our souls development (Growth) is why we are here. Pain is an expedient teacher whom no one is exempt from its education.

    We can’t avoid pain. We can choose to delight in moments that pain is absent from us. To do this we must be thankful for all moments of life that are joy filled. Molecular energy from our thoughts will light a path for us. Thankfully, we get to decide which path.

    Be Blessed