• The Rapidly Moving Fire

    by  • March 20, 2012 • Fire

    Stop, Look and run like Hell

    The best way to describe this type of person is exaggerative. You know the type. The office/family or neighborhood gossip, who of course is not saying anything bad themselves, they are merely repeating what they have heard. Crystal had called my office for an appointment stating only that things were out of control. Crystal arrived for her scheduled appointment. I motioned her in toward a seat.

    Therapist: “So what brings you here to see me today?”

    Crystal: “Things have just been so crazy. My sister in law and her husband are getting a divorce. She caught him cheating on her after 15 years. Oh it is awful and with a woman only 23 years old. She has two kids and I don’t think she was ever married though. Anyway my sister in law is just beside herself. This right after Lynn was just fired from her job. She says for company cut backs but I heard it was for showing up to work smelling like she just left a bar if you know what I mean.”

    Therapist: “Do you mean smelling of alcohol? Is Lynn your sister in law?”

    Crystal: “Yes like a brewery. No Lynn is a woman at my church. Do you know brother Randolph Masters? Anyway Lynn is his third wife…Get the Book Here