• The Gust

    by  • March 20, 2012 • Air

    Stop, Look and run like HellJorge was 27 years old male who had quite a lengthy history of legal entanglements. Who, also according to his probation officer, had a quick temper. Jorge was court ordered to Anger Management as part of the conditions of his latest probation.

    Therapist: “So what brings you here to see me today?”

    Jorge: “Man, you know why I am here. I talked to the probation chick and she said she told you about me and why I am here.”

    Therapist: “Are you upset that you are required to talk to someone about your anger issue?”

    Jorge: “Man what issues? I do not have issues with anger.”

    Therapist: “Really, I read the court referral form; it reported that you were recently arrested for the 9th time on battery charges. Do you know anyone else who……………………..Get the Book Here