• Iron People

    by  • March 20, 2012 • Metal

    Stop, Look and run like HellI met with Jim, 47, one evening after his wife Stacey had thrown him out. Stacey said she was tired of his excuses for not helping her to support their family. Stacey said that in the 11 years they had been married he initially worked steadily for 3-4 years. Following that he was steadily unemployed.

    That if employed, it was briefly, that he was either fired or would quit. As a waitress Stacey was tired of struggling to make ends meet for the family only to listen to Jim spout one excuse after another for why he was not working. After a brief introduction the following was discussed.

    Therapist: “So what brings you here to see me today?”

    Jim: “My wife threw me out. She says she is sick of me and my excuses.”

    Therapist: “What do you make excuses for?”

    Jim: “I don’t make excuses. She does not understand. I have a criminal record and it is hard for me………………………….Get the Book Here