• Branch People

    by  • March 20, 2012 • Wood

    Stop, Look and run like Hell

    Peter was 26, single and the seventh of nine children. Peter and his fiancé recently called off their engagement. After the traditional introduction, Peter and I spoke.

    Therapist: “So what brings you here today?”

    Peter: “My fiancé and I split up. I have been so down.”

    Therapist: “What happened? What ended the relationship?”

    Peter: “My fiancé‟ Rose said she was tired of being second.”

    Therapist: “Second in what way?”

    Peter: “She said I always put my family before her.”

    Therapist: “Did you?”

    Peter: “No. I mean I see how she thinks that but it’s not true.”

    Therapist: “Ok. Well why do you think she believes you put her second if you are saying that it is not true?”

    Peter: “Ok. Like the other night we………….Get the Book Here